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Gutenberg blocks: Ive tried to use only Gutenberg blocks so far in the home page and with the posts. Thy work well except for I do find them limiting in the availability of options for any of the blocks.

For instance there is no way of doing margins or padding on any block – or at least I can’t find a way. They also seem to only allow for the typology entered into the customiser rather than having a option to change the typology at block level.

I did install Gutenberg Pro from Pootle Press and this has actually made the built in Gutenberg Blocks much easier to use as it has loads of options.

I was a bit miffed at having to do this as I wanted to try and create a good looking site without spending any money and just using free blocks and plugins. However, it has proved it’s worth with the extra options it allows me to do.

Here are some of the options that this plug in adds to the built in Gutenberg blocks.

It works with

  • Headers
  • Paragraphs
  • Columns
  • Video
  • Spacer
  • Cover
  • and Group

I must admit though, compared to the options that I am used to with Rapidweaver and the Big White Duck’s stacks, even with this plugin there still are few modifications that could be added.

All in all…..

I have had fun and frustration creating this site. It’s hard when you know how to do something easily in one piece of software to then struggle with another to do basic things. But I realise mostly it is just my ignorance of how things work – so far!!

I also think that slightly the Gutenberg blocks are not mature yet and will soon – I hope – contain all the useful and I think essential options that I am used to.

Another interesting observation in doing this site is my own work flow. I am so used to hitting “Command S” when I want to save my last changes that it has taken me a while to get out of the habit and click on the “Update” button instead.

I must admit it does feel good when I have made a mistake or I can’t find out how to do something and then I work it out. I get a real sense of achievement!!

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I’m glad I started learning WordPress Gutenberg!!

Hey ho…. onward and upwards!!

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