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First thing I notice with Gutenbee blocks is that, thank goodness, the blocks do seem to have padding and margins. I have become obsessed with padding and margins since I started this project.

and I must admit, I have only just been playing with these blocks for the last few minutes and they already seem superior in having more options and choices of what to do with each block.

An example of padding and margins …. yeah. This is just a paragraph block with padding and margins of 30px and a grey background. And joy of joys, margins work in minus mode too!!

Two things however that I’m noticing that isn’t so good is 1) there doesnt seem to be a typography setting to change the font – so I assume it will be set from the global customiser and 2) the cover image – called “banner” in Gutenbee, altho it has the option of being set to full screen it doesnt seem to stay that way. It just reverts back to the size of the photo.

The other thing I have noticed is that a column block in Gutenbee is called a container and then holds columns.

Screenshot of the navigator showing the Gutenbee yellow block icons

One thing I like very much is the blocks are coloured yellow, which makes it easy to pick them from the “block inserter”