Co Blocks Header

The CoBlocks hero or header doesnt seem to have a option for an image. Or at least not that I have found. And interestingly the heading and paragraph that is built in is from the core blocks

The reason they don’t use their own heading and paragraph stack as they don’t seem to have these included. There does seem to be some nice feature type stacks included in the bundle tho. Edit: Please see below

Collage Block from CoBlocks

I have been trying to add some other of CoBlocks feature stacks but I’m afraid that I got an error too often to make these stacks useful.

To be fair to the developers, maybe it’s my set up that these blocks are conflicting with something else. To give a totally accurate review I would need to install these on a clean install. However, I won’t be doing that anytime soon!! I will give them another look in a few months to see if they have improved. As you can see from the Collage above when the blocks work, they are nice. But…….!!!

There are FAQ stacks, events, masonry, forms and more. But frankly I can’t be doing with them falling over all the time.

I’ve given up. So I have taken a couple of screenshots from their page so you can see some of what they offer.