Cobbled together blog

Well I have managed to get the blog to appear on the “Progress” page, but it’s still not right.

First off I had the blog posts appearing but I couldn’t add a cover image which meant that the blogs were just straight at the top of the page.

The only way I could see to change the page and get a cover image was to keep changing the settings in the customiser. This actually meant that I was only managing to change the look of the blog posts. They are now on the “News” page and I think look nice. But for the life of me I can’t get a cover image on that page!! Nor can I get the same look on the Progress page.

It then occurred to me that maybe I needed to make a clean page and add the blog posts as a block to the page. This I did but I could only get 3 items to show and the changes that I had made in the customiser were not showing. The posts look dreadful but at least I had a cover image and posts. A success of sorts!!

I then searched for a different block and found a few from both CoBlocks and Stackable. I tried them all and I have settled on CoBlocks as you can see from the Progress page.

I also discovered how the featured image worked. That this was a separate entry into the inspector rather than an image added to the post page.

I still need to work all this out. There must be a way but as yet……….

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