Breaking Out

The two functions that I wanted to achieve and find out if they were possible was getting blocks that had margins and padding on and the ability to “break out” of a part of the site. ie so that the site is not made up of symmetrical oblong boxes.

I have succeeded in that. Gutenbee blocks give margins and padding and Generate Blocks contain grids and containers that will do both negative and positive padding and margins.

brown and black bird in selective focus photography
brown and white bird on tree branch
brown sparrow perched near red fruits
yellow and black bird

The birds are all in 2 x 3 across grid . But with one third of the grid empty!

The cat is “breaking out” of the container block. I have one container above the other – yellow and grey and then a transparent container with the cat in with-280 top margin on it. The third container is in the lower grey container


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